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A Note For Spark at the Cherry Lane


The plays of Caridad Svich are plays of action. They are, each in their own way, a call to stand up, look out and examine the world around us, loudly or quietly. They nestle into the small moments that make up our lives and burrow deep into the crevices of what often tears us apart, but also lead us on the road to healing.

Spark is being read nationally and internationally over the course of late October and November at over 35 theaters and universities in collaboration with NoPassport Theatre Alliance and Press. Today, November 11th in addition to our reading here in New York, Spark is being read at theatres in Chicago, Houston, Albuquerque, Pasadena and Merredin, Western Australia. 

Tonight’s reading is special not only because of the excellent cast and panel assembled here at the Cherry Lane, but because it is Veterans Day. On Veterans Day we honor our fighting men and women past and present. We honor their contribution and their spirit. Tonight we ask, as Spark asks, that we also honor what happens when the soldier comes home and face a new personal war.

Spark is a call to action, a call to question, and a call to discussion. Spark is a piece of theatre, but also the story of too many lives of war veterans and their families, especially of those caught in the fault lines of our nation’s crippling economic divide.

Please join us tonight, watch and enjoy, but as you leave the theatre, please answer the call in whatever way you can.

             Zac Kline

            Spark Scheme Dramaturge

            Veterans Day, November 11, 2012