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Reflection on Spark at Cummins Theater

Ensemble Free Theater Norway in collaboration with Cummins Theatre, Merredin, Western Australia

November 11, 2012 

Directed by Brendan McCall 

       By Brendan McCall 

What theme or aspect of SPARK most excite or connect with the work that you do? 

Unfortunaltey, much of our public dialogue (in the media, in culture, in our communities) here in the Whetbelt does not focus on the stories of contemporary war veterans, except when there is tragedy - such as the recent deaths of Australians in Afghanistan last month. The stories of female veterans are even more absent, specifically; as well as the impact on the families of veterans. My interest in participating in this global reading of Spark was to ignite a greater awareness of these issues with our communit and hopefully create a meaningful dialogue. 

The SPARK scheme is community building (in a worldwide sense) set of readings. What is one place, organizaiton, or person in your city that that supports your theatre work? And whart makes that place, organization or person special? This could be a bar or restaurant that supports your theatre patrons, a local community group that supports your work, or a volunteer who is invaluable to your organizaiton. 

The Cummins Theatre is supported by a variety of groups - from our arts-centered community groups (The Merredin Repertory Club, the Merredin Fine Arts Society), as well as the organizations such as our local government, community resource centers, and local businesses. We also have a number of dedicated volunteers throughout the community that gernously give their time and energy to insure that the Theatre conintues to offer a variety of cultural products and activities. 

What's Next For Your Company? 

The Cummins Theatre has an exciting array of touring shows coming to town, from Ireland's Tumble Circus combining circus with comedy and theatre; to Italy's Luca Ciarla performing electric violin to live animation of Fiddler in the Loop. We're also proud to host the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow again this year, as well as a new dance/theater work from Buzz Dance Theater, Goodbye Jamie Boyd.  We're also offering live simulcasts of events from Black Swan State Theatre Company and West Australian Symphony Orchestra, a new film festival in March, and the creation of new regional and international artists residency programs. 

Brendan McCall is the Artistic Director of Ensemble Free Theater Norway and the Manager of The Cummins Theatre in Western Australia.