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New from Santa Catalina Editions: PLAYS OF LOVE & ENCHANTMENT


New November 2012 title from Santa Catalina Editions, an imprint of NoPassport:
by Caridad Svich
Astral Yearning,
Elysium at 3 AM,
Slow Fast Walking on the Red Eye,
Transmission 0500/To the Blue Peninsula,
Turn the Dark Up, Bow Down, This is a Hymn
The six plays in this collection are a series of meditations on love, time, virtuality, and transience in the modern world. They focus mainly on young characters drifting through their lives, and in and out of relationships. These theatre pieces are written as little spells of love. They bristle with both poison and enchantment, as they send their characters into orbit. What they ask, in sometimes ardently pure text, is for a new kind of theatre language to be born- out of and through aspects of love.
ISBN: 978-1-300-42880-0
retail: $20.00