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Tue, 11/19/2013 - 11:55
New from NoPassport Press   A CAUTIONARY TAIL AND OTHER PLAYS by christopher oscar peña   collects for the first time full-length and short works by this acclaimed playwright. with a foreword by Naomi Iizuka and essays by Stephanie Ybarra and Steve Stout. A roaringly wild collection of plays by a dynamic new voice in US theatre.   ISBN: 978-1-304-63736-9 List price: $20.00 355 pages.   direct link:   NoPassport Dreaming the Americas Series   Tags: NoPassport Press

New from Santa Catalina Editions: OUTLAW PLAYS by Caridad Svich

Wed, 06/19/2013 - 13:51
New from Santa Catalina Editions:   OUTLAW PLAYS by Caridad Svich   OUTLAW PLAYS by US playwright Caridad Svich focus on characters living outside boundaries imagined and real. The two plays in this volume- KILL TO EAT (a patriot song) and PENSACOLA - are driven by a punk energy in their use of language and the staging of action. Poetic, raw and strange, they traffic and play with genre tropes from pulp fiction, “noir” cinema, and steam-punk literature and are influenced by murder ballads and electric blues.     ISBN: 978-1-304-13118-8 6 X 9 paperback US retail: $15.00   Direct purchase link:   Santa Catalina Editions A NoPassport imprint.   Tags: NoPassport Press

New from NoPassport: THE BREATH OF THEATRE

Mon, 04/01/2013 - 09:57

New March-April 2013 from NoPassport Press:

Conversations & Reflections, 2003-2013.
by Caridad Svich

This volume collects ten years of conversations and critical reflections by OBIE-winning playwright and arts journalist Caridad Svich. Leading artists profiled in this book include Tim Crouch, Ariel Dorfman, Marguerite Feitlowitz, Philip Kan Gotanda, Charles Mee, Jr., Jose Rivera, Andrei Serban,and Heather Woodbury. A vital volume on the art-making process and its power for transformation.

ISBN: 978-1-300-88963-2
Suggested Retail: $25.00
6 X 9 paperback.
435 pages. 

Direct purchase link:

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WAR PLAYS by Christine Evans

Fri, 03/29/2013 - 12:43
New March 2013 title from NoPassport Press:       WAR PLAYS by Christine Evans       collects for the first time three of this US-based, UK-Australian playwright's remarkable plays about war and aftermath: Trojan Barbie, Mothergun and Slow Falling Bird. With an introduction by esteemed filmmaker Peter Davis, this collection is a terrific introduction to Evans' astute theatrical voice.       ISBN: 978-1-300-83167-9 paperback (soft) 6X9   Suggested retail: $15.00     direct purchase link: Tags: NoPassport Press


Fri, 02/22/2013 - 11:01
New from NoPassport Press Released February 22nd: National Day of Service for Gun Control     24 GUN CONTROL PLAYS ed. by Caridad Svich and Zac Kline   brings together new work in support of gun control from playwrights Neil LaBute, Elaine Avila, Kyle Bostian, Neil Blackadder, Alex Broun, Gab Cody, Tameka Cage Conley, Cecilia Copeland, Yvette Heyliger, Amina Henry, Zac Kline, Jennifer Maisel, Lynn Manning, Oliver Mayer, Chiori Miyagawa, Matthew Paul Olmos, Ian Rowlands, Tammy Ryan, August Schulenberg, Saviana Stanescu, Caridad Svich, Chris Weikel, Winter Miller, Gary Winter, and Laura Zam.   The volume features an essay by Tammy Ryan and a reflection and interview by DW Gregory.   Selected works in this volume were presented in collaboration with NoPassport, Theater J and force/collision in Washington D.C. on January 26, 2013, and with Pittsburgh PACT to coincide with the March on Washington for Gun Control led by Molly Smith and Suzanne Blue Star Boy. These dynamic works for theatre are a rousing call to action.   A % of the sales of this volume will go toward Amnesty International's Arms Control and Human Rights Campaign: No Arms for Atrocities.   ISBN: 978-1-300-76771-8 print on demand paperback 6 X 9 (ebook forthcoming) .78 lbs. US Retail: $15.00.   Direct purchase link: Tags: NoPassport Press

New Limited Edition from Santa Catalina Editions: AMERICAN QUARTET

Mon, 02/11/2013 - 15:10
2013 Limited Edition Publication from Santa Catalina Editions/NoPassport:   AMERICAN QUARTET by Caridad Svich   Four plays by OBIE-award-winning dramatist Caridad Svich that center on stories of the US' working poor. A tough-minded, lyrical quartet of dramas set in small towns in Texas, Louisiana, North Carolina and the Florida Panhandle - this collection paints a stark, tender portrait of citizens looking for some kind of healing on this here earth. The plays in this limited edition volume are GUAPA, THE WAY OF WATER, SPARK and HIDE SKY. With an introduction by Zac Kline, and essays by Henry Godinez, Heather Helinsky and Caridad Svich.   paperback, print on demand: $18.00 6 X 9   Direct purchase link:     Santa Catalina Editions/NoPassport   Tags: NoPassport Press

new NoPassport title by Todd London

Wed, 02/06/2013 - 17:51
New 2013 Title from NoPassport Press:
by Todd London
This is an astonishing, indispensable retrospective collection of essays, articles, reviews and reflections on artists by distinguished theatre critic and scholar Todd London, artistic director of New Dramatists. The volume spans writings from 1988-2013 and is collected for the first time. A vital, important anthology for practitioners, scholars, students, and theatre-lovers everywhere.
"No one writes about the beauty, import and frustration of theater with the eloquence, warmth and depth of Todd London. In his collection of essays that span a quarter century, he audaciously interrogates and celebrates the medium in equal measure, unafraid to undress our notions about the art and business of theater. This is a collection long in the making, and reflects the wisdom and possessiveness of someone who has dedicated his career to safeguarding the legacy of theatre artists. " -- Lynn Nottage   ISBN: 978-1-300-65504-6
6 X 9 paperback, print on demand
285 pages.
Retail: $20.00
Purchase link:
NoPassport Press
Dreaming the Americas Series Tags: NoPassport Press

The Female Heart and Other Plays

Sun, 01/27/2013 - 20:18
New Title for NOPE PRESS   THE FEMALE HEART AND OTHER PLAYS By Linda Faigao Hall     THE FEMALE HEART AND OTHER PLAYS collects for the first time a range of work by pioneering Filipino-American dramatist Linda Faigao-Hall. The plays in this volume are funny, sexy, tragic and resonant as they deal with identity, longing and transculturation. Edited by Randy Gener with preface by scholar Luis Francia and afterword by Ian Morgan.   ISBN: 978-1-300-66055-2 paperback Suggested US Retail: $20.00   NoPassport Press Dreaming the Americas Series Tags: NoPassport Press


Sun, 12/30/2012 - 19:34
New December 2012 title from NoPassport Press   ASHES OF LIGHT (la luz de un cigarrillo)   by Marco Antonio Rodriguez   ASHES OF LIGHT (a luz de un cigarrillo) is a dynamic, engaging play by Marco Antonio Rodríguez about the struggles and aspirations of a Dominican family in New York City. Written with compassion, humor and honesty, the play is a welcome addition to the vast body of theatre from a new generation of US Latino dramatists.   ISBN: 978-1-300-51058-1 paperback, print on demand $10.00   direct link:     NoPassport Press Dreaming the Americas Series Tags: NoPassport Press

New from Santa Catalina Editions: PLAYS OF LOVE & ENCHANTMENT

Wed, 11/21/2012 - 13:35


New November 2012 title from Santa Catalina Editions, an imprint of NoPassport:   PLAYS OF LOVE & ENCHANTMENT by Caridad Svich   Astral Yearning, Bliss, Elysium at 3 AM, Slow Fast Walking on the Red Eye, Transmission 0500/To the Blue Peninsula, Turn the Dark Up, Bow Down, This is a Hymn   The six plays in this collection are a series of meditations on love, time, virtuality, and transience in the modern world. They focus mainly on young characters drifting through their lives, and in and out of relationships. These theatre pieces are written as little spells of love. They bristle with both poison and enchantment, as they send their characters into orbit. What they ask, in sometimes ardently pure text, is for a new kind of theatre language to be born- out of and through aspects of love.   paperback ISBN: 978-1-300-42880-0 retail: $20.00   Purchase link:


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New from NoPassport Press Preview Editions: i put the fear of méxico in’em

Wed, 11/21/2012 - 13:35


by matthew paul olmos
"What ensues is a complex encounter that challenges notions of boundary, safety, identity and what you would do for your family. It's a dissection of difference, of connection, of the borders and barriers we use to distance ourselves, and those dangerous moments when we cross over those borders and barriers.”
--Philip Himberg, Producing Artistic Director, Sundance Theatre Institute   134 pages paperback
retail: $10.00
purchase link: Tags: NoPassport Press

New from Santa Catalina Editions: ART & DECADENCE PLAYS

Tue, 10/30/2012 - 09:17


New for October 2012 from Santa Catalina Editions:   ART AND DECADENCE PLAYS (Magnificent Waste, Lulu Ascending, Tilt Heaven) by Caridad Svich   The three plays by OBIE-winning playwright Caridad Svich examine varying aspects of art and decadence through the lens of contemporary visual art, photography, painting, and fashion. MAGNIFICENT WASTE (2012 finalist for PEN Center USA Literary Award in Drama), LULU ASCENDING (a play on Wedekind's Lulu plays) and TILT HEAVEN are acid-dipped views of celebrity culture and consumerism, suffused with a hard ache for the lost souls that inhabit their distinct harsh-lit, emptied worlds of sadness.   ISBN: 978-1-300-34935-8 Paperback: $20.00 purchase link:   Santa Catalina Editions is an imprint of NoPassport. Tags: NoPassport Press

New from NoPassport Press october 2012: RED FROGS & OTHER PLAYS

Wed, 10/24/2012 - 14:40


New October 2012 title from NoPassport Press   RED FROGS AND OTHER PLAYS by Ruth Margraff   Afterword by Randy Gener   RED FROGS AND OTHER PLAYS by Ruth Margraff collects three astonishing, thrilling plays: the title play, THE ELEKTRA FUGUES and STADIUM DEVILDARE. Margraff is one of the US' most daring playwright-poets and this collection defies expectations and leaves readers and audiences breathless with wonder.   ISBN: 978-1-300-32500-0 paperback US Retail: $15.00   purchase link: Tags: NoPassport Press

New from NOPE Press: ETCHED IN SKIN.

Fri, 09/21/2012 - 15:32


New from NoPassport Press September 2012   ETCHED IN SKIN ON A SUNLIT NIGHT by Kara Lee Corthron   an intense and theatrical drama about lust, culture clash, and betrayal marks the arrival of one of the most exciting new voices in American theatre. The compelling story follows Jules, an African-American painter who has fled the U.S. under ambiguous circumstances and embraced a whole new life and family in Iceland. As Barack Obama’s meteoric presidential campaign makes Jules more homesick than ever, her husband presents their biracial daughter with a shocking present, and a mysterious visitor shows up at Jules’ studio. This whirlwind of events brings the demons of Jules’ past crashing down on her new family and challenges her sense of racial and personal identity. Originally premiered at Interact Theatre in Philadelphia.     ISBN: 978-1-300-19029-5 Retail: $10.00 paperback     purchase link:     NoPassport Press Tags: NoPassport Press