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New NoPassport Title by Caridad Svich

2013 Limited Edition Publication from Santa Catalina Editions/NoPassport:


by Caridad Svich

Four plays by OBIE-award-winning dramatist Caridad Svich that center on stories of the US' working poor. A tough-minded, lyrical quartet of dramas set in small towns in Texas, Louisiana, North Carolina and the Florida Panhandle - this collection paints a stark, tender portrait of citizens looking for some kind of healing on this here earth. The plays in this limited edition volume are GUAPA, THE WAY OF WATER, SPARK and HIDE SKY. With an introduction by Zac Kline, and essays by Henry Godinez, Heather Helinsky and Caridad Svich.

paperback, print on demand: $18.00

6 X 9

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