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A Poem-Song for Spark



By Caridad Svich

(September 2012)


Lingering light poaches sleep.


Is the icy rest

Of yesterday-

Blessed in its descant


Holding fast,

Even when holding it down.


Today light shines

Across a meadow

Flanked by flowers

Shorn of breath.

Hazel-eyed swallow,

What’s in your breast?

What song sings you to sleep?


Rest oh child

The soldier says,

Distended from dream’s embrace.

A crippling tune

Of damage done

Surrenders in its wake.


This is how we spend our days

In lightning ache and spark.

In auger’s way,

Some will say

Will sing the bracing lark.


For it cries


Of rain and soot,

Blackened tongues

And blood left drained

On streets

That once were trod upon

With light step

And glinting grace.


Harbor still

The reckoning blast

That shores the one and many

From this dear place

Where we all left space

For the brilliant waste of tyranny

To rise again

Without a care

And outrage on its side.

What happened here? Some will cry

When all is said and done

The wraith of sleep

Will wage sweet war

And tender all its young.

Sorry yet

For those born

On this savaged earth,

Craving much

Where none is made,

Save a holler

Sweet and long.

Spark in Boston!

Atomic Age Theater Company in Boston will present a reading of Spark October 30th and 7 pm at Emerson College!

The play will be staged as a reading in coordination with NoPassport. Click here to RSVP:!our-season/vstc3=spark

by Caridad Svich
Location: Emerson College Multipurpose Room
Date and Time: Oct 30th at 7:00.
Directed by Noelle Vinas
Run Time: 90 Min
Spark is a play about three sisters living in the messy aftermath of the U.S's recent war in Iraq. It is about what happens when soldiers come home, when women of little economic means must find a way to make do, and the strength, ultimately, of family. 


We are very excited to announce: Ensemble Free Theater Norway in collaboration with Cummins Theatre in Merredin, Western Australia will read Spark on Nov 11, 2012! Please check out the facebook event at:

NoPassport theatre alliancein association with Ensemble Free Theater Norway present:
a reading of
a new play by Caridad Svich (USA)
directed by Brendan McCall

Obie Award-winning playwright Caridad Svich's play SPARK is about a family of sisters who live in North Carolina, one of whom is a returning veteran from a recent war. 

FREE readings of this play are being made available worldwide during the month of November in time for Veteran’s Day and around the national US elections. The international script reading scheme has been developed to honor US war veterans, shed light on the plight of female veterans in particular, and to raise increased awareness for their stories, by NoPassport theatre alliance & press-- an unincorporated collective dedicated to the advocacy, production and publication of works expressive of cross-cultural and aesthetic diversity in the arts. 

**This event is FREE**

Sunday, 11 November 2012 (USA Veterans Day)
at the Cummins Theatre
31 Bates Street
Merredin, Western Australia

For more information about NoPassport theatre alliance:

For more information about Ensemble Free Theater Norway: