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Spark Readings Guidelines


Reading Scheme Credits:   All readings must list presentation information as follows:

__________________(Name of hosting organization, department, etc.)

in collaboration with NoPassport theatre alliance and press present


A new play by Caridad Svich

Note: No admission must be charged for the readings. Readings must be script in hand.

Script: Current draft of Script of SPARK by Caridad Svich will be sent via email to each venue in pdf format. No changes may be made in the script as written unless authorized by the author.

Songs in script: The Author’s original songs need not be performed live for the public readings in this scheme. Reading the lyrics out loud is acceptable for the script in hand readings. However, mp3 files of the songs will be provided to each collaborating venue, should they wish to listen to the songs and understand how they function contextually.

Publicity - Ads/Graphic Image: NoPassport will provide each venue reading the play publically with the same graphic image, should they wish to use for publicity. The graphic image will be submitted via email as a jpeg to each venue by 1st October 2012, if not earlier.

Local newspaper, radio (local NPR, etc), internet, etc. publicity and preview articles are allowed for these free readings. Community engagement and coverage of this local/international scheme is encouraged. The author, in addition, will make herself available, schedule permitting, for interviews about the play and this project.

Caution: Under no means may the readings be reviewed by local theatre critics, bloggers, etc.

The play, since it has not received world premiere yet, is not subject to formal review.

Presentation Guidelines: Readings must be script in hand, cold or rehearsed. Actors may be student actors, amateurs or professionals. Each venue will have the responsibility of casting its own reading.

Venue/lead artists must provide NoPassport’s SPARK creative team exact date/performance time, name and city of venue for the SPARK master calendar by 1 October 2012, if not before, if at all possible.

Symposia/Panels: NoPassport encourages each collaborating venue to coordinate a panel (with scholars, activists, etc.)  or community discussion in conjunction with the reading’s presentation. However, it is not required.

Recording: Readings may be audio-recorded or vide-recorded (with permission) for archival purposes. Live-streamed readings (to be archived online on vimeo, youtube etc.) are allowed for broadcast, as long as all credits are cleared and the purposes of the reading are stated. Links to any media links must be shared with author and dramaturgy team. Audio and video (DVD) recordings for archival purposes must be as well. No profit shall be made for any recordings of this work.

Blog: Each collaborating venue/lead artist(s) will be asked to write a 250-500+ reflection about the reading experience with their audience and/or the play itself and its themes for the SPARK project blog in order to create a written record/living archive. Submissions for the SPARK project blog need be sent directly to Zac Kline at

Performance Rights:   Author royalties for all script-in-hand readings of Spark are waived for last week October 2012 and the month of November 2012 only. For future presentations and performance rights, please contact Elaine Devlin Literary Inc/ c/o Plus Media, 20 West 23rd Street, NY, NY 10010 USA, email: