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Lark Interview with Caridad Svich, by Director Daniella Topol

In print edition only of AMERICAN THEATRE magazine, April 2012 issue, "Where there's a Way." by Rob Weiner-Kendt.

OBIE AWARD WINNER Caridad Svich On Her Deepwater Horizon Play, "The Way Of Water"

Caridad Svich's The Way of the Water to Receive April Readings in U.S. and Abroad

Daniella Topol to Direct Caridad Svich's The Way of the Water Reading at Lark Play Development Center

Caridad Svich's The Way of Water

Water’s Flow: An Artist’s Path in a Trans-local Universe by Caridad Svich

Audience Spills Oil on Actors and Loads Them Into Body Bags, in a New Play About the BP Oil Spill. Really.

StageStruck: Citizen Artists A festival of devised work responds to an environmental disaster

Academic theme launched on World Water Day

Theatre UAB joins worldwide reading of new play on BP oil spill

UNC Launches Two-Year Water Initiative

An Environment For Change

Political Theatre in Dark Times/

Presence and Water

Standing up to BP The Way of Water on Stage

Oil and Water: Nonparticipatory resistance against corporate domination


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NPR: Jefferson Exchange Public Radio . The Way of Water Podcast
The play's the thing, and while in this case it may not catch the conscience of the king, organizers hope it will raise awareness of poverty, health and environment in the U.S. "The Way of Water" dramatizes life after the Gulf Oil Spill, and nationwide readings on April 9 commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the spill. Playwrite Caridad Svich joins us to talk about the play and the readings.

Shah Shaharuddin as Yuki, Peter Hammond as Jimmy in an extract from a scene of Caridad Svich's play THE WAY OF WATER in a reading at the University of Tasmania School of Visual and Performing Arts in April 2012

Rosalie's song

Song written for the play THE WAY OF WATER; music by Nick Cornwall, lyrics by Caridad Svich and Nick Cornwall. April 2012

KSFR-FM Radio Cafe interview with Mary Charlotte Domandi and The Way of Water ensemble, broadcast Wednesday, April 18. link to podcast. Teatro Paraguas presents a staged reading of The Way of Water, a new play by Caridad Svich which focuses on the lives of two Louisiana couples in the aftermath of the BP Gulf oil spill in April 2010. Over 50 readings are taking place around the country and the world in April. 8:00 pm. Free,

WUSF Tampa Public Radio: It's not often you hear about a play based on an environmental disaster. But playwright Caridad Svich has done just that. It's called "The Way of Water," and was timed to mark the two-year anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon BP oil spill. The play looks at the spill's effects on human health and the environment from the viewpoint of two affected families. WUSF's Steve Newborn talks about the play with Svitch.

KUHF houston public radio: public radio news & information twenty four hours a day from Houston, TX. The Way of Water Playwright Caridad Svich and Houston stage-director Rob Kimbrotalk about Ms. Svich’s play The Way of Water, written in response to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Theater companies across the country are presenting staged readings of the drama, marking the second anniversary of the nation’s worst environmental disaster in history. The local reading takes place at Main Street Theater’s Chelsea Market playhouse. Caridad Svich and Rob Kimbro talk with St.John Flynn.