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Why Now?

Why a Reading Scheme Now?

NoPassport theatre alliance and press is committed to the advocacy, promotion, production and publication of creative expressions of diversity and difference in theatre and performance. It is also committed to interventionist actions through theatre-making in culture toward peace, healing, forgiveness, positive action, and resistance to uncivil actions.

The effect on human health on residents in the Gulf of Mexico region, as result of excessive use of toxic dispersant and toxic rain during the BP oil spill clean-up, has resulted in thousands of reported illnesses and deaths, and hundreds of lawsuits against BP that have yet been resolved.

Awareness to the effect on health, way of life and living, endangerment to livelihood of commercial fishermen, and the increased fragility of indigenous and Creole communities in the region is part of this scheme’s community-action goals.

How can theatre transform and speak poetically to our lives? How can we let art live within us and see our world anew? How to continue to engage civically in the nexus between art and practice and life?

NoPassport asks these questions with any conference, reading, publication , open mic or scholars symposium it forges into action. The same is true with this scheme.

Photo courtesy of the US Coast Guard